Anyone can cook...but only the fearless can be great!
— Chef Gusteau - Ratatouille

A food affair

I am a working mother of two who is passionate about cooking. Yes, there are thousands of women who fit that description BUT I AM DIFFERENT. I am a bit old fashioned (you'll see) and a bit quirky (ok maybe a lot) and totally infatuated with food. I have always had a fascination with food and for the longest time I did not think myself capable of making tasty morcels. WRONG! I am an AWESOME cook, I make fantastic food and I am slowly doing away with my ridiculous notions of ineptitude. I have a stack of recipes that date back years and years that I have always said day I'll make that...well the day has come. This blog is a personal challenge to myself to stop procrastinating and get cracking on all the recipes I have been dying to try. I also hope to compile a record of my culinary adventures for my children. Food is a gift ...pure and simple.

Eva L