Sunday lunchbox muffins

As a child, I remember my dad would make us muffins for the week. He would make them from a box mix and store them in a large Tupperware.

Sometimes it would be butter pecan (still my favorite) and sometimes cherry flavored but almost never chocolate. I guess my dad wasn’t too keen on chocolate.

Today, as I send my daughter off to school, I like to add a little baked “goody” in her lunchbox. Whether it be a cookie or a muffin, I always prefer to make them from scratch rather than to give her the store-bought stuff. I could always do like my dad and make the box mix muffins, and I have, but I love the challenge of trying out new recipes.

I have a confession to make. Last week with back to school, back to work and setting up my blog, I didn’t have time to bake. And when my daughter pointed out the wild blueberry muffins in the supermarket I caved and bought them. Midway through the week I decided to have one of the muffins for breakfast; I unladylike spat out my first and only bite. I felt like the worst mom ever for sending her off to school with these yucky YUCK muffins.

So! Today I rummaged through my pile of recipes looking for my sour cream muffin recipe and couldn’t find it. Thank God for Google. I pulled up a few recipes, studied them, and tweaked them and voilà…DELICIOSO!

Sour cream and chocolate chip muffins

1.5 cups of all-purpose flour

¾ cup of sugar

1.5 tsps of baking powder

½ tsp of baking soda

½ tsp of salt

1 egg

1 cup of sour cream

3 tbsps of butter (melted)

1 tsp of vanilla

1 cup of chocolate chips

Combine (it`s thick don`t worry) and add the chocolate chips at the very end

Cook for 20-25 minutes in a 350 degree oven

Makes a dozen muffins

Olivia (my daughter) had one 10 minutes after they were done...she loved it! SCORE!


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