Linzer cookies and almond flour dough…a forced introspection

I am stubborn, as in a herd of mules stubborn. Once I fixate on something, nothing short of Jesus Himself will make me diverge. This, as you can imagine, can be a problem but it can also be a blessing.

I have forever wanted to make Linzer cookies. I thought it would be a wonderful accomplishment and a beautiful gift for the kids’ teachers for Valentine’s Day; not to mention the hubby (my kids don’t go for cookies). Genius here also thought it would be fun to make them with super expensive almond flour. That was a recipe for self-inflicted torture. Suffice it to say, I will not be posting the recipe seeing as I will NEVER be making it again. That said, the few cookies I did manage to make before nearly hurling the crumbly dough all over the kitchen, which would then make me work even more, were FABULOUS. I used the remainder of the dough to make an apple maple syrup crumble which was also divine.

So to get back to my stubbornness, midway through my torture I was screaming at myself (in my head because the kids were sleeping) to STOP and GIVE UP. Well that didn’t happen. I asked myself why on earth I was putting myself through this.  The answer …because that is who I am …I finish what I start no matter what. This dogged determination permeates every aspect of my life. It has helped me overcome many unfortunate situations. It has helped me to succeed where most thought I would fail. I am stronger for it.

My hubby loved my cookies. Will have to make something else for the teachers on Monday… better late than never. I have not given up on perfecting these beautiful little delicacies; just not with almond flour!

What will you be baking this weekend?

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