And so we begin

Like anything else in life, if you are going to succeed you've got to get organized. As I prepare to embark on my culinary adventure, I am learning all the intricacies of blogging. Up until very recently, I had no idea what a blog was, had never read or followed a blog and certainly had no idea how to set one up. Yes, I have been living under a rock!

A sister-friend of mine is the Queen of blogging and a while ago (at least a year) she asked me if I would ever consider blogging. Need I remind you that I had no idea what a blog was, could not wrap my mind around it and was horrified at the thought of putting myself "out there".

Fast forward a year or so later and I still have qualms about opening myself for all to read, but I am willing to do it for a selfish reason. Well, sort of selfish. If I am going to complete my goal of going through all my saved recipe clippings as well as all the other recipes I have been dying to try, I need someone to hold me accountable. Yup, can't do it on my own. Even if I only have an audience of one, it will be enough to keep me going.

Hot dogs & wine. A quirky name, like me. In the afterglow of the holiday season's gluttony, I decided to have hot dogs and leftover wine for supper. I decided to multitask and call a good friend of mine, who knew about my blogging aspirations, and I joked about how refined I was elevating my hot dog with a glass of leftover wine. She said, "that would be an excellent title for your blog". I slept on it and the very next morning decided it was far better than any of the other mundane names I had come up with. So I took a leap of faith, bought the domain name, set up my blog and now am planning all the delicious recipes I am going to deliver my husband, my kids and my audience (hope it's more than one) on a weekly basis.

It's going to be a year of discovery, of challenges and hard work but it's also going to be filled with delicious food and a good dose of FUN!

Join me!

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