Gingerbread cookies = Christmas

I have ALWAYS loved gingerbread cookies. Two years ago was the first time I made my own gingerbread cookies and I was hooked! They were sooooo much fun to make and the kids loved to help! Last year I went crazy buying Christmas cookie cutters and I went a little nuts on the cookie making. By the time I baked my last batch of gingerbread cookies, I was all gingered out.

These are officially my son's all-time favorite cookie. As I was making my first batch of the season,  I saw my husband keenly eyeing the process. I could tell he wanted to jump in and try his hand at rolling and cookie cutting but he ceded his place to our daughter who eagerly jumped in to help. If the fact that this is an easy and fun cookie to make hasn't sold you, then how about how heavenly spicy they taste; I love that they are not overly sweet like most cookies this time of year. I like gingerbread cookies with just a dusting of icing sugar but I suppose you can decorate them with icing like everyone else does.

I used Ricardo's Gingerbread Cookies recipe and they came out divine! A definite must try!



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