eye opening experience!

For my son Gabe, there exists only two food groups; marshmallows and the rest.

Most kids love marshmallows, but Gabe is OBSESSED. Marshmallows are a treat he usually only gets on the weekends at the cottage when we roast them over the fire. He was hooked from the first roasted marshmallow and mama has regretted it ever since.

I usually get the mega bag of the fluffy sugary little pillows at the grocery store. However, one day,  I was at boulangerie  Pagé in Saint-Sauveur and on the counter they had a jar of handcrafted marshmallows; I bought two....they were a dollar each! I gave the pricey little marshmallows to the kids and they gobbled them up in 2 seconds flat while proclaiming they were THE BEST MARSHMALLOWS EVER!

It got me thinking...maybe I could make my own marshmallows...maybe it would be healthier...NOT! I started researching and comparing recipes and decided to go with Alton Brown's recipe. I purchased all the necessary ingredients: gelatin, sugar  & corn syrup. It's only when  I set out to make the marshmallows that it dawned on me...HOLY SMOKES THIS IS PURE SUGAR!!! These are not marshmallows. These are diabetes in a bite!

Not only were they pure sugar but they truly are pricey and dangerous to make. Boiling the syrup to 240 degrees Celsius and pouring the molten lava into a bowl with the whisk on low takes extreme caution...not a mother/daughter recipe.

As I poured the clear syrup into the cold gelatinous water, I couldn't fathom how I would get white pillowy marshmallows. I must have missed the chemistry class that would explain how whisking sugar and gelatin at high speed would produce a cloud of marshmallow goop that my son only too willingly volunteered to clean off the whisk.

I poured the mixture into my prepared dish and had mixed emotions. Pride, for accomplishing what seemed to be impossible. Awe, at how beautiful it looked AND tasted. And mortification from realizing what I've been feeding my son all these weekends.

The recipe made for approximately 30 generous sized marshmallows; half of which were shipped off to Olivia's school as ''gifts'' for her teachers...I am told they were thrilled. The rest are in a sealed container to be dispensed to the kids one at a time until none remain or until they are ready for the trash bin ...most likely the latter.

These will be the last marshmallows I make or purchase. Dessert is great but not when it's 200% pure sugar and not at the expense of my kid's health!

PS: If you are a science buff, up for a challenge or a die-hard marshmallow lover please don't let me deter you...but really ...even in moderation is it really worth it?   

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