Chile con carne a la Canadienne

I am half French Canadian so I LOVE baked beans. I am also half Peruvian and my idea of comfort food is chile con carne. I must have made chile con carne hundreds and hundreds of times over the years, yet I have never once used a recipe. Sure there are the essentials that go into a good chile con carne but I've never made my chile the same way twice; it usually depends on my mood and what I have in the pantry.

I like to make my chile with a combo of ground pork and ground beef; the pork makes it juicier and more flavourful. I always season (everything) with Goya's Adobo but if you can't find it you can season with salt, pepper and a pinch of cumin or turmeric. Then there's the beans...a can of sweet baked beans is a must, along with a can or two of varying sizes of lima beans. I sometimes add tomato purée but it depends on whether or not I have some available. Chile always starts off with sautéing an onion and sometimes ends with the addition of sliced mushrooms. You also might find some garlic and I even added sugar once was very good.

This week's version of chile con carne has to be one of my best! 2 weeks ago I ordered a container of L'Heritage classic baked beans from Lufa Farms...some of the best baked beans EVER. I said to myself that these beans would make a wicked chile con carne so I ordered 2 more containers for this week. I also ordered some beautiful organic cremini mushrooms. I knew I was going to make a special JUST FOR ME chile con carne. Olivia hates mushrooms and Gabe hates food period so the only person I was going to have to fight off was the biggy.  I sautéed a finely diced onion in some butter. Then I added the ground meat and browned it seasoning with a good dose of Goya's Adobo. I added the container of awesome baked beans and finally the thinly sliced cremini mushrooms. Gave it a good stir...let all the flavours melt into each other and voila! Heaven in a little bowl...actually I think I had 2 little bowls...oops.

Whichever way you make your chili...make it with lots of love!

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