256 days 60 blogposts 30 days without posting ...getting back on track

1- Thank you! Despite my absence over the summer, specifically the last month, there has been at least one faithful follower who has visited my page every day....I am grateful.

2- Sorry! To those faithful few, I am sorry to have disappeared ...in a nutshell I had plenty to say but no more steam to put words to paper.

When I first started the blog, I knew 2 things: I like to cook and I like to write. For an introvert and extremely private person, this has been one hell of an experience, an exercise in introspection, trust and testing of boundaries. The blog has been surprisingly positive; never any outside negative feedback. I had been warned that blogging was like high school...a lot of MEAN...how that didn't deter me is still a mystery. But again, only positive feedback from everyone who has visited my blog.

Funny enough, the negative was all on me. I didn't like the way things looked on the site, I scrutinized every post and I began feeling pressure (self-inflicted) to post more and more. Did I mention I am also a perfectionist.... Of course it all came to a roaring boil and I seared myself...self-imposed time out!

I of course still had mouths to feed, so I never stopped cooking or experimenting, I just stopped writing about it. I posted a picture here and there on our FB page but never got around to writing a blog post; something a tiny part of me regrets...there were some awesome recipes.

Instead, I did my best to enjoy my summer and the kids. I visited the local farmer's market if not on a daily basis, every other day. My kids LOVE their beignes aux patates et sirop d'érable (potato and maple syrup donuts), a typical Quebecois offering. I continued to order veggies I've never tried before from Lufa Farms including kohlrabi and tatsoi. I made awesome kohlrabi and zucchini fritters ...might have to post that recipe, if only to remember to make it again. I also made chicken stir fry with the tatsoi which is very similar to baby bok choi and equally as delicious.

I went absolutely bananas on blueberries! I have never bought, eaten and frozen so many blueberries in my life. They were just calling to me! They were gorgeous, juicy and delicious! I made some heavenly sour cream and blueberry muffins (one of the last recipes I managed to post) and a decadently moist banana blueberry bunt cake.

Somehow I managed to find the time to do some canning. Made myself some ketchup aux zucchinis...nearly as good as matante Fleurette's but not bad for my first attempt! Will try it again next week when I can the 10lbs bag of beets I just bought over the weekend. BEETS OH BABY!

And most recently I made the most amazing chicken brochettes. Aside from tasting crazy awesome, they were so easy to make! I diced and marinated 2 huge chicken breasts in honey mustard salad dressing for an hour. Speared them onto these beautiful cast iron skewers I had bought myself and my wonderful hubby barbequed them to perfection. Juicy, flavourful and perfect...a definite must try!

So there you have it. I'm back but I plan to chillax a bit. The kids are back in school and it's a big year for both of them. Mama is still tired and not superwoman, much to her chagrine. So here is the plan....there are 16 weeks left until we celebrate 1 year at H&W. That means 16 new amazing blog posts with maybe an extra one here and there...no pressure! We are going to finish the year off in style....wooohooo! Eva is back!


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