Mille-feuille for Mr. H&W

Let me start by saying that my hubby is my biggest fan; God bless him. That said, he wasn't sure I should post this recipe, more specifically the pictures. Yes, it's not as pretty or perfect ''looking'' as most of my creations but it was THE most perfect dessert because I made it with enough love to last a lifetime. A bit sappy but true...

For as long as I've been with my better half, 21 years next month, he has always loved mille-feuille. I have never been fond of it myself but for him I'll do pretty much anything. It was his birthday last week and even though he hates to celebrate it, I had to make something special, something fancier than usual.

I found what I thought was a super easy recipe with the best reviews and yes, it was awesome...until I got to the chocolate was downhill in the décor department. What can I say, chocolate HATES me! It just does. Unless I am adding cocoa powder to a mix, I avoid chocolate like the plague. It never melts right for me; it's either too runny or clumpy and never ever quite right. This time was no exception. When I finally got it to work somewhat, the icing had set and I couldn't make a nice pattern....hence the I LOVE YOU bit ...I had to salvage it somehow. Besides, God knows I do love him. 

Anyway, hats off to Ricardo for making a mille-feuille look spectacular and honestly it was seriously delicious. Recipe makes six servings; I'd say Mr Mille-feuille connoisseur  ate the equivalent of  four servings in one go. It is a definite must try and I will most certainly be making it again. I just have to psych myself for the chocolate part. If you are like my friend Alexandrea who is an expert chocolate manipulator, the decoration part will be a breeze.

I used Ricardo's recipe for this mille-feuille masterpiece and the only modification I made was to score the puff pastry into three long strips to make it easier to separate once cooked. I am so glad I did.

PS: I just saw Ricardo's recipe for strawberry know I'm gonna have to try it! To be continued...


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