Arroz con leche made with lots of love and Sophie's vanilla

I've mentioned my friend Sophie before (see my post on healthy granola). She is an AMAZING woman! She is amazing not only because she ROCKS as a teacher, mom and friend but because she is STRONG and BEAUTIFUL and she makes me happy!

A couple of weeks ago, Sophie gave me a wonderful gift; a very precious bottle of vanilla. It meant a lot to her which meant the world to me. To show how much I appreciate her gift, I will be posting a series of recipes which highlight vanilla.

The first in the series of Sophie's vanilla recipes is a throwback to my childhood; arroz con leche (Peruvian-style rice pudding). This recipe brought back some very good memories...not specific ones but more like a wave of warm and fuzzy feelings as the aroma of the cinnamon and vanilla perfumed the air.

The rice pudding is absolutely delicious and I can't wait for Sophie to try it.

  • Boil 3 cups of water with 1 stick of cinnamon and 2 cloves (I think I put 3 or 4 which was a bit much for some) and the zest of 3 lemons
  • Add 1 cup of Arborio rice (the kind you make risotto with) and cook uncovered until all the water has evaporated
  • Add 1 can of evaporated milk stirring constantly until the milk has been absorbed (approximately 15 minutes) ** it will burn if you stop stirring
  • Add 1 can of condensed milk and stir for another 15 minutes
  • Add a tsp. of vanilla and continue stirring for 5 minutes
  • Pour into small bowls and decorate with powdered cinnamon
  • Some people add soaked raisins (soaked in porto overnight) but my kids don't like raisins

Buen provecho!

NB: Sophie's mom used to make rice pudding for her dad...I cried when I found out ..I didn't know

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