Cuba meets Italy's a beautiful marriage

Cuban coffee liqueur zabaglione...sounds SEXY and it is!

The hubby and I don't drink, though you wouldn't know it from the collection of alcohol we have in the house. I love love love collecting alcohol...weird I know. At least half a dozen bottles are from our trips to Cuba. Rhum, more rhum and some complimentary coffee liqueurs.

A few months ago, my closest and dearest sister friend Nyd asked me for inspiration in preparing a meal for her hubba hubba hubby. She made him my asparagus feta raspberry salad as an entrée, an osso bucco for the main and an amaretto zabaglione for dessert. I have yet to try making osso bucco but I have been fixated on making the zabaglione ever since she mentionned it.

I do not have amaretto in my collection of spirits but I looked it up and wondered if the coffee liqueur would do. I cracked open the bottle and took a small sip...enough to know it was sweet and tasty enough for it to work wonderfully in my dessert. **in case you are wondering I POURED a small sip into a glass...

Tonight, the hubby was off work early and as always I like to prepare an extra special meal. The recipe seemed easy and fast enough ...but you never know. It was all said and done and in the fridge to chill in less than 20 minutes... CRAZY! I gave the hubby a taste of the heavenly dessert and he nearly downed the zabaglione before I snatched it from his hands for a picture!

Seriously easy...seriously fast and seriously delicious! A must try!

SOURCE: Epicurious - Amaretto zabaglione

I substituted the amaretto liqueur for my Cuban coffee liqueur. Don`t throw out the egg whites! You can use them for breakfast or better yet make some meringues!

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