Cabbage rolls...little bundles of heaven

We eat with all our senses; sight, smell, taste…trust me I get that. But sometimes it’s hard to make something that smells heavenly and tastes divine look anything more than humble comfort food…cabbage rolls.

The other day I made a stunningly gorgeous veggie roulade tart. I posted it to my FB page and was overwhelmed by the amount of people the post reached; within less than 24 hours it reached over 200 people (I don’t know that many people). I admit... I myself was mesmerized by my little creation. I didn’t even want to cut into it because it was simply that beautiful, but I did, and I ate it, and Sophie ate it, and the hubby ate it and we were all very very enamoured with the dish.

A few days later I made a pouding chômeur  à l’érable which got far less attention if any and then I made the cabbage rolls which got the same, and I wondered. Yes, the veggie roulade tart is a showpiece but give me the choice between eating the tart or the cabbage rolls with a side order of pouding chômeur…let me tell you, the tart wouldn’t get a second glance. So…sight…like anything else in life, we should never judge a book by its cover; you’d be surprised what you might miss out on.

I have always been intrigued by cabbage rolls. Unlike my brother, whose circle of friends is largely Ukranian, my circle of friends was more Spanish and Italian, so I never came across these wonderful bundles of heaven. I saw a recipe on Pinterest, which I saved a while ago, and decided to try it. I followed the recipe to the letter and was more than pleasantly surprised. This recipe is going to be a frequent repeat on my menu. The only problem is I had more meat than leaves; I froze the remaining meat for another day. Do give it a try …it’s truly delicious!

Parsley, Sage & Sweet's stuffed cabbage rolls - like grandma used to make

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