For the love of mashed potatoes!

For you foodies out there like me, this is going to be a DUH post. However, it is my understanding that there are thousands of people out there that believe mashed potatoes come out of a box. I know. WHAT?! BLASPHEMY!!

I have been asking you what is your favorite comfort food and I’ve received some killer ideas which I will honor very shortly on this blog. Of the many comfort foods in my repertoire mashed potatoes ranks near the top. I love potatoes; fried (as in French fries), boiled, mashed, fried; I know I said fried twice. If I have a tummy ache…mashed potatoes. Feeling down…mashed potatoes. Bout of nostalgia…mashed potatoes. My dad made wicked mashed potatoes; he puts raw onion right at the end; I make killer mashed potatoes myself ...but no raw onions.

The secret to awesome mashed potatoes is BUTTER. Actually, the secret to most good things is butter. Now to those “health” conscious people who poupou butter, let me be crystal clear, MODERATION is the key.

So, with no further ado, my recipe for killer mashed potatoes is very simple:

  • A potato masher (yes DUH)

  • 6 -7 nice big Idaho or Yukon gold potatoes boiled until tender

  • I sometimes add a whole Spanish onion roughly chopped to the potatoes to boil

  • Drain the potatoes and add a good dash of Goya’s Adobo or salt and pepper

  • ¼ - ½ cup of butter

  • Enough milk to mash into a nice fluffy consistency (I have never measured how much)

    **For the super health conscious, I have heard that you can replace the butter and the milk with low-sodium chicken stock …but I promise it won’t be as good

    NB: For those who were expecting the pizzelle, risotto and Peruvian tourtière recipes, I will be posting them shortly...promise

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