It's sugaring off season! How about a pecan maple syrup tart?!

If ever someone offers you a homemade pecan and maple syrup tart, make sure to thank them profusely. As I have learned, it is truly a labour of love, an exercise in organization and patience and a considerably pricey dessert.

I originally posted a link to Ricardo’s recipe on the cottage website in reference to the upcoming sugaring off season.  I figured it was a nice recipe to try; something typical of the season and the region. I did not realize how complex it would be to make. To date it’s one of the hardest  recipes I've made and the most rewarding.

I have never made a pie or tart before. I had to go out and buy a pie mould. I also didn’t have a food processor (yes I know …what?!?!) but no matter, I used a hand tool (not sure what it’s called) and it worked perfectly. As I folded my beautiful dough into the pie mould, then poured the mouth-watering filling and popped it into the oven, the elation of my accomplishment overwhelmed me…yup I cried…

The pie was not insanely sweet but it was absolute heaven in your mouth. I will definitely be making this again!

Try it. You won’t be disappointed!

Link to recipe posted to – source: Ricardo

NOTE: The recipe is in French and I do not see an English version on the website. If you are interested in making this recipe and don’t understand French, I would be more than happy to assist in translating it for you

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