Summer strawberries

I don’t remember much of my childhood. I am someone who prefers to focus on the present…cuz ain’t nothing you can do to change the past. That said, certain smells, tastes, foods can evoke pleasant thoughts …happy moments that have been buried come to life.

For instance, there is a Tupperware of frozen strawberries in my freezer I like to think about once in a while. I froze them last summer when they were in season and wonderfully sweet. Just clean, trim and sprinkle with a bit of sugar; like my dad used to do. Then in the middle of the winter, he’d defrost a container and we’d have it for dessert with some vanilla ice cream. They were sweet and soft and syrupy; heaven.

I only have one container left and I can’t bring myself to defrost it. For now, just knowing they’re there is good enough. And writing about them and my dad made me feel really good…I needed that.

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